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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  September 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the last three, almost 3 hours now. now we can see it's been cleared up. at one point four lanes had to be shut down. we had a trailer carrying several vehicles crash and several lanes blocked. it's starting to be open. head to, click on the traffic tab and find out lake we did that traffic is running smooth. there is a lot of mumbling out there, is the grand prix good for baltimore? here we are days away. now more mumbling tonight. those of you caught in traffic. christian schaffer is standing in no traffic. >> reporter: yeah this is not what pratt would look like on a thursday afternoon. there is no one on the street at all. check it out. this is not something you see everyday. people are walking down, taking a look. we seen that all afternoon , the race teams checking out the course. charles street, these car are trying foget north. charles will be shut down as well. difficult to get anywhere south of race course to north of the
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race course. let me show you what is going on earlier today. race teams were touring the track. that is danica patrick, she was here taking her first look. they said they were going to walk the course. get them around the two mile course , the concerns they raised as i caught up with them for the change from concrete to asphalt. they are concerned the asphalt might come up pretty easily since it was just put down a short time ago. they are excited to be here and for the inaugural baltimore grand prix. still a lot of work to do. check it out. this is traffic trying to head out on rustle street earlier today. if you are sitting in this back
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up, you were there for sometime. it looks like, not just there but on charles street, lombard, the surrounding streets in downtown baltimore, whether they were closed down or not, they are all shut down. the accidents affects the surrounding streets. think about the streets shut down for the race course. as of tomorrow they will be shut down and race teams will begin practicing the laps around the course in advance of the races which take place saturday and sunday. it's tough to get around here, the best advice for example you don't have to come to down, don't go through it for look at the alternate routes at i will take the beltway home. look at this. i promise you, bumper to bumper in an effort to avoid the grand prix, gridlock, you are trying to use the beltway but not finding it. 695 backed up at the exit for green spring. be careful to leave enough
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space. for more information on the traffic in and around our city including live cameras, head now to and click on the traffic tab. this is going to be a labor day weekend we will remember a long time. it's time for the tents to pop up. baltimore is getting ready for the grand prix. >> reporter: we are supposed to have the good times this weekend. the race willing be a great time. bring the family down, everybody has a blast. before that can happen a ton of hard work has to happen. down this road here, by the pad ducks, they were trying to beat the traffic, getting out here to set up the tents vendor after vendor, a couple of guys putting up a tiki bar. this is what it looked like today. it's quieted down. they had 8 hours to get tents to get their supplies in. soda distribution, beer, tents, table, everything they will need for the event. they had to put it up during
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the day so that tomorrow morning they are all set. part of that effort is the fire department and hospital volunteers getting right side for worse case scenarios. the fire department will be establishd with special app rayra it is and john hopkins will have nurses and doctors scattered around the race course. they are ready for anybody who walks in to their tent. >> i'm anticipating pretty hot weather. we could have a fair amount of people being dehydrated. they are designed as first aid, not designed as medical hospital. >> reporter: that doctor there from hopkins says if you are sick they will stabilize you and we have a multitude of hospitals they can send you to from there. the drivers will not be handled by local volunteers they have a medical staff. they will be handled if there
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is a crash or incident. on the map you are seeing of the grand prix, will are medical tents listed but the doctors said there is a little bit of confusion in some of the tents in other locations. the three medical tents will be near the baltimore visitors center, start and finish line and the hilton at camden yards. other first aid personnel scattered around the track as well. if you are looking for the tents they are around the visitors center and start and finish line and baltimore hilton. joce sterman, abc 2 news. we seen the tents and asphalt, let's see the stars. andretti auto star drivers. they are all at the buffalo wild wings restaurants throughout town, there until 8:00 tonight, mark bunning who drives for trg baltimore race willing be at the ritz carlton
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until 9:00 here tonight. and the grand prix is making it difficult as we have been showing you. we are working to help you get through the area. go to prix and get the latest on detours and information about what to expect this weekend. today, is your first opportunity to cast the vote for the next city mayor. voters registered can vote early. they set up five centers and for a list of those locations and hours of operation, just go to the website, find all the information you need. including where to go, get the photo op with danica. clearing out, statewide, that's good. we had a couple of showers pushing in to baltimore today. didn't really end up happening. right now skies cleared off pretty nicely out. there looking ahead to tomorrow. still that chance for a hit or
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miss shower. i think for the most part we will stay dry tomorrow, saturday a slight chance of a shower. better chances for rain sunday and monday. we talk about those and the trpics coming up -- tropics coming up. you've been without power since saturday. with the hours is too long. five days going on six, that's ridiculous. some customers posted signs calling upon bge to wash their kids and stop lying about when the power will come back on. >> we haven't seen any trucks until today except for the guys that are sitting blocking the roads off. so they are literally sitting in the cars. these two guys are sitting on the side of the road. no bge truck in cockiesville. >> liz has more to the story. for this 89 year-old woman the outage turned serious last night, she fell and couldn't get the life aler transmitter around her neck to work.
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fortunately a friend stopped by with a cell phone to call for help. she is okay tonight. we got trash bags full of limbs and debris outside our homes. they are changing up the pick up policy for next several weeks, they will take your yard waste on the same day they pick up your trash. the guys that take the bags off of the sidewalk got extra help today. neighbors are used to the trash trucks in the morning. but not used to seeing their mayor working on them. >> i think that's great. he should be out here. i see him walking streets taking part in community events, it doesn't surprise me. it makes perfect sense he would be out here helping out with the efforts to take care of business. >> reporter: mayor josh has a good reason why he is doing this. >> honestly because it's fun riding in the back of the truck. >> reporter: actually, the city
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is looking to safe money and might prieftize this service. the mayor says this will give him a better understanding of what the men do. 6c ibuprofen i took. >> he is doing a good job. he picked up a pepper plant. >> excellent compared to me when i first started. >> joe trained his share of rookies. >> i make a lot of rookie mistakes. he is doing well. me is a rookie. >> reporter: two things you need to know, it's hard work and two, takes a lot of team work to make things happen. >> it's a art form. the driver and two guys on the back are trying to be efficient and not step on each others toes. i'm slowing the guys down. they would have filled that up by now. >> a little work never hurt
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anybody. in annapolis, don harrison, abc 2 news. no word on whether the may your will be on the truck tomorrow. police have more to go on tonight in the deadly hit and run on route 100. they got a lot of new information from the pictures. they want to match the car up with the drive and maybe you can help. tomorrow morning is a great time to start a new breakfast routine. linda so with why your wake up at home could push up your grades at school. 81 degrees out there today. 83 normal. we forecast 84, no winner but the weekend forecast is coming up.
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you are watching the station that works for you. four minutes after 8:00, wednesday moring a tow truck driver was doing his job on route 100, when he was struck and killed by another car. the car stopped and drove off. we have new information to find the driver. >> james' friends describe him as a jack of all trades, he knew how to fix everything. they miss him not just for expertise but friendship. >> truck five was coming to do a tow , the folks at ted's towing say the job was going to get done. that was james shriverrer's truck. he enjoyed the tough job the ones that took a lot of brain power in stead of just truck power. >> he knew a lot. he taught guys a lot of stuff. guys would come to him for information. other tow companies would come to him for information. they would call him on the
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phone. we called him truck five. that's his, truck five. >> reporter: truck five was out on the morning of august 24th on route 100, near the oakwood road exit. this was a simple job. tow a heavy sewage cleaning truck to the shop. the driver of this nissan path finder hit him. police say the 1987 to 95 burgundy path finder has extensive damage, front panel is dented. mirror and turn signal is broken. on the back is a nissan path finder wheel cover. he was a faux of two small children, three and one years old. they say to lose a good guy like that is a loss for everyone. >> we are devastated.
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>> if you seen this suv or have any information that could help police find the vehicle, call crime stoppers 1-866-7-lockup. a reward is offered for information that can lead to an arrest. we know mornings can be hectic. trying to get the kids ready and out the door. there is not always time for breakfast so you skip it or eat something for convenient. they can impact your kids grades. >> reporter: you know the routine, up and doubt the door. mornings are hectic for selfny and her daughter , the rush can take priority over getting a good breakfast. >> i grab a pastry, a muffin or piece of fruit. >> reporter: studies show walking out the door without something good to eat can lead to weight gain, and hurt concentration and affect everything from your kids bmi
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to their gpa. >> blood sugars fire the brain. if you are trying to get the brain to work, make sure the kid is well nourished. >> breakfast can be fast, if you work ahead of time and plan ahead. >> reporter: karen is a dietitian. she has three easy tips to keep kids fit. first, fuel them up with complex cashes like fruit and whole grains and good proteins. >> peanut butter, eggs, cheese, yogurt, milk, will get you a great protein source helping you feel fuller longer. >> reporter: ways to make breakfast fun. create new things to eat like a banana dog. >> take a whole wheat bun, peanut butter, banana, and milk. >> reporter: eat breakfast at home or at school.
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linda so, abc 2 news. >> we have more healthy breakfast ideas and recipes on the website, go to, click on the health tab and look for this story. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. pretty quiet now, skies cleared off after clouding up towards the middle part of the day. few showers in western maryland. none of that affected baltimore. humidity moderate. through the day, take a look out here, at robert w coleman, clouds midday but bright finish to the day. days getting a little shorter. sunset getting a little earlier. nothing on maryland's most doppler radar. that should hope up for friday and most of our saturday. bert chances for rain sunday in to labor day monday. temperatures around 80. humidity moderate. higher, stickier down here in annapolis and cambridge. humidity close to 60%.
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tomorrow low 80s again. mix of clouds and sun. chance for a passing shower downtown. final open wheel race preparations for the week ahe of racing and downtown. across the state now, passing cloud cover knocks rain left, and the overall pattern, quiet. stationary front stalled south of the state, new area of low pressure spinning in pthe nonplains that will impact us for the weekend. from there is friday, 5:00 in the morning picking up a passing somehow i on the future cast. i don't think a lot of rain friday or saturday, realize there could be passing shower. a line of passing showers should not last for a big length of time. at least not the first two days of the weekend. tropical storm katia, well out to sea. projected to become a significant hurricane as she moves north of puerto rico over the weekend and tracks south of bermuda next week. all tracks do keep her offshore
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and more of a threat to perhaps new england, eastern canada. still very early to say. urgent threat, 80% chance this will become a tropical storm or a minimal hurricane and pushing towards texas. this disturbance could track further north. it's not irene, it's a look at the tropics, the gulf satellite. that would eventually possibly become lee. chance for showers sunday in to monday. tonight 64, mostly cloudy tomorrow. 82. more clouds an sun. seven-day forecast, the trend is for couple of relatively dry days, but as we get in to sundays and monday, better chances for showers, keep that in mind as you plan your holiday weekend. 139 hours until we kick off to
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pittsburgh steelers. we probably won't see much gel race tonight. there is a lot on the line for the guys trying to make the squad. ravens need to trim roster by saturday. orioles change the start of the game against the blue jays to accommodate the grand prix. changing the time from 7:00 to noon didn't help much. the announced crowd over 11,000. after jumping out early and late, they lost 8-1k3-6 head to tampa for a weekend series against the rays. here is a look at what is coming up at 11:00, grand prix roads to life in downtown baltimore this weekend. tonight a sneak peek at the track where all the action will take place. would you share your phone number with complete strangers? probably not. but you may share your cell phone without knowing i on facebook. we will explain. why it's forecast for the labor
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day weekend. join us tonight. storm gear and promotional consideration provided by ll bean.
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we started the news at 6:00 and bumper to bumper and still in bumper to bumper approaching 6:30 on the beltway, traffic downtown is crazy. traffic on 195, nuts. be very patient out there tonight. >> throw in all the
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construction we have, jamie, it's the perfect cocktail. >> some people still without power. one of those scenarios is a week you have to get through. everyone looking forward to the end of the weekend in some ways. before we get there, we got a quiet night weather wise, radar is cleared up. few showers west of baltimore earlier. they are gone now. quick check, i want to show you clearing out, tomorrow, relatively decent day, low 80s. slight chance of a passing shower midday. don't expect a lot low. kick off for the weekend. drivers are buffalo wild wings. danica patrick, danica patrick, and danica patrick. andretti race team is out there. a fun weekend, we will be downtown tonight live. count on that. see you here at 11:00, have a great night. >> going to get wings?
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